WIshing you all a happy 2009!

Ronny and I are going to visit my Dad and his girlfriend later. We are staying until Saturday.
Can you believe it another year is over!!!

I am hoping for an even better year in 2009.
That all my family & friends stay healthy. That my boyfriend may find a job soon.
That I myself find a NEW job.

May you all have a wonderful & prosperous 2009.

I also have something new in store for the new year.
Here's a sneak peek for my 1st release in 2009:


New Designer Services!

Are you in need of unique packaging and eyecatching ads?
FoxyDesigns is now offering Designer Services in cooperation with JRMarketing, a subdivision if FoxyDesigns.

Got Ads?

Statistics have shown that customers are attracted to eyecatching and unique advertisements.

Designer Chic
Previews are just like ads, customers are attracted to professional looking previews.

Check them out at my store exclusively at Divine Digital.


Countdown to Christmas Day 03

Merry Christmas to all of you all around the world.
May you all have a wonderful Christmas time with your families and friends.

Here's your last freebie:
It's mmmhh yummy...juicy!


Enjoy and don't forget to leave some love!


Countdown to Christmas Day 02

Yes finally, I am off work until Jan 5...I so need this break.
I got my calendars binded right after I had finished work. I went home and got the calendars. Drove to that one place where I got them binded before. Turns out that the place was closed. Their business hours are from 10-1pm. Argh!!! It's not like I was in a hurry because it was close to 5pm and I knew that the other store that I was then driving to would close at 5pm.
Anyway, I made it in time!

Here are my beautiful calendars finished last minute like every year (I swear every year I plan on finishing them earlier!):

Aren't they gorgeous?? For the 8.5x11 double side calendar I used Dani Mogstad's Calendar Toppers and for the bottom I simply downloaded a .word document from the Microsoft Office website.
After adding the photos I simply added the toppers to a .word document. Actually, I wanted the topper to fit the whole page but then I thought I would run out of ink again (I can tell you this was a hassle. I didn't know that new epson printers, I have a stylus dx 7400, wouldn't allow other ink cartridges except their own ones. Now how stupid is this?).

Next I made a 4.25x11 birthday calendar with a cute freebie from Miss Vivi Designs.
This one is for my grandmother so she never misses a birthday of her children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren.

Alright, enough of me talking here is your 2nd freebie on my coundown to Christmas:
It's bugs!!!


Enjoy and don't forget to leave some love!


P.S. Don't forget to come back tomorrow to grab your LAST freebie!

Countdown to Christmas Day 01

Happy Holidays everyone.
Are you ready for Christmas yet? Well I am for sure.
I am printing my last Christmas gifts and tomorrow I'll have to get them binded.
I will show you pictures then.

But here is, as promised my countdown to Christmas.
We will start off with a cute little mini that I did for the FPD challenge.

Here is your FREE Life's A Playground:

Download Elements

Download Papers

Enjoy & don't forget to leave some love.


P.S. Don't forget to come back for another freebie tomorrow!

It's Freebie Time...

...but not until Dec 25th. Get all the info here!
And what can you get??? This cute and versatile paper pack:

I am a bit late with announcing the winner of my glitter & felt styles.
And the winner is...drumrolls please...Miheda

I will contact you soon with your coupon code.

Now onto something else.
I have prepared my very own Countdown To Christmas.

You can grab 3 previously released freebies for a limited time only.
Visit my blog Dec 22-24 for your LAST chance to grab them.

I can give you a hint.
The freebies have something to do with Funky Playground Designs.


New Styles & You Can Win Them!

It's the 3rd advent which means we'll have to light the 3rd candle on our Adentskranz today.
It has been snowing here quite often but it didn't take long and all of the snow was gone.
I am off work Dec 24 - Jan 4. I am so looking forward to staying at home for a couple of days. getting things done and spending time with my boyfriend and my family.

Have you got all your Christmas presents yet?
I ordered the last ones from Amazon last night. My Mom and her boyfriend are getting a digital frame as well as some stuff from IKEA from me. My Dad and his girlfriend are getting the new Monopoly game & books. I am still working on the calendars for my grandparents.

I can easily tell what I have for them here because a) they don't read my blog and b) they don't speak English. :-)

Anyway, I have 2 new sets of styles for you. They were created in PS CS 3 and work in all programs that use .asl files. They are okay for PU, CU and S4H/O!

They are 40% off for a limited time only!
Get them in my store at Divine Digital.

Want a chance to win them?
Just leave a comment and answer this question: What is your biggest wish for Christmas?
The winner will be announced Friday, Dec 19.


New CU Overlays & a Freebie!

Happy Sunday and happy 2nd Advent to everyone. Today it's time to light the 2nd candle on your Adventskranz. Don't know what an Adventskranz is? Look here!

Oh how I love Christmas time. I have decorated my apartment last Sunday and it's looking all christmasy and cozy with gazillions of candles. Oh yes I love candles. I can never have enough candles.
Ronny and I have just added a few more shelves to our desk and boy are the walls of our apartment crocked. But hey I guess crocked is stylish...not.

Anyway, let's get to my new products which I have just uploaded to my store at Divine Digital.
I have created 3 overlay sets, each contains 4 overlays.

These overlays are currently on sale for 40% off their original price.

And since it is the 2nd Advent I have a gift for you:
December desktops!!!

These december desktops are seized 1024x768 and 1280x800 for widescreen.
They were made using an overlay from the overlay #02, the glitter swirl is from the current kit I am working on, calendar stamp is from my Calendar - The World Languages and the frames are from my stash which haven't been released yet. Maybe they are a gift to my newsletter subscribers next Sunday?? Who knows?

Anyway, here is the link and please don't forget to leave some love:

Download here


Get Ready...Set...Print! Christmas Card Challenge Starts Today!!!

Are you ready???
Join me on the ultimate Christmas card challenge!

You can grab the info & your FREE templates only at www.divinedigital.com!


Get Ready...Set...Print! Christmas Card Challenge with FoxyDesigns!

Still no Christmas Cards? Join me for a fun challenge to work on your last minute cards.
I have prepared a set of 4 templates for you to use.

Here's a sneak peek of the templates:

Join me this weekend (Dec 5-7)!

Get Ready...Set...Print!!!