Ramblings and a freebie

Okay so I've been trying to get a new header up but this stupid blog thing just won't let me do it. I've clicked all the right buttons but still no new header :-(

If anyone can help me with this just let me know.

I almost got all all my Christmas presents together now. I just have to work on a few calendars. Which will definetely occupy me the next two weeks. Oh I'm really looking forward to Christmas, not because it's Christmas but because it's the first time I'll get off work for more than two days. Woohhoo. Okay enough of my ramblings now.
I hope you enjoy today's freebie.

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I'm back for good now...promised + a Freebie

Oh man it's been so long since I last posted. I can't believe it's December already.

I've been really busy with my new job and I really wasn't in the mood to do any designing or scrapbooking. But now it feels like my creativity has come back. Well at least for now.
Since I've been gone for so long I have one freebie for you. I hope you like it.

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I'm back...!!!

Did you miss me?
I can't believe that I haven't posted in more than a month. Wow!
Well much has happened in the meantime. Since July 12 I'm officially done with university. Woohooo! Now I'm hunting for a job. This is the main reason why I haven't been blogging in a long time. And I was also a little bit lazy. I haven't had my Photoshop opened for a very long time. I just wasn't in the mood to scrap or to design something. I guess you can say that I took the summer off from blogging. I really hope my creative juices start flowing soon, so that I can get back to scrapping and designing.
Well that's all for now.

I got tagged...

So here are 7 random things about me...

1. I love my hair and enjoy getting compliments for it.
2. I love my Senseo coffee machine.
3. I have lived in Falls Church, Virginia from 2000 until 2001. I have worked there as an AuPair and lived in a family with 3 adorable boys.
4. I have a younger brother named Benjamin.
5. I have just finished university and I'm looking for a job right now.
6. There are no doors in my apartment except for the bathroom.
7. I have Crohn's disease.

I'm tagging

Cheryl @ http://vherfworld.blogspot.com/

Sara @ http://sarasdaily.blogspot.com/

and Grambie



Happy Sunday

Though it's raining here but rain is always good for scrapbookers, isn't it?
Tomorrow might be my last day at university. I have to return tons of books and that's the only reason I'm going. So who knows if I'll ever return to that place.
A BIG thanks to everyone who left some love. Your words mean so much to me. THANK YOU!

After that I have a hair appointment. So I'm really looking forward to it. Then I need to get pictures taken for my job applications. Here in Germany you have to put a picture on your CV. Isn't that superficial?
Okay enough of my ramblings.

Thank you

Thank you all for your kind words on my exam. This really feels great.
It looks like a thunder storm is coming so I'm about to get off the computer. I have been sitting on the computer almost the entire day. I worked on some LO's, entered a challenge at divine.digitals and finally bought Lemonaid Lucy's Scalloped Frames. Everyone probably got them for free but me. Just because I started digital scrapbooking too late. Oh well at least the exchange rate between Dollar and Euro is quite good at the moment. LOL.
Anyway, I have been playing around with Photoshop a lot today and a couple of minutes ago I finally got some inspiration. I will work on that tomorrow. Let me just tell you it's going to be PLUSH.
Alright that's all for now.
Have a great start into the weekend everyone.

Big announcement

Woohoo. So yesterday was the BIG day. I was super dupa nervous but somehow I made it through ONE HOUR of talking, questions and again talking. Now I'm almost through with university. I still have to wait for the results of my other two exams. I hope my professors will hurry up a little bit. I've been waiting for results of my English exam since January and for the results of my other exam since March. That is quite some time.


Just a quick note...

First of all I want to thank Miss Vivi, Selena, DigiDebz and Ikeagoddess for posting my freebies on their blogs. Without you I wouldn't be able to share my freebies with so many people, so...THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
I also want to thank all of you guys who visited my blog and left lots of love here and on 4shared.com. It is greatly appreciated and motivates me to add more freebies. And I can promise you there will be more freebies.
My exam date is very close and I still have to do lots of studying. I'm not telling the date. That's just how it works for me. I will be back by the end of the week.
Alright I'm off to studying now. Wish me luck!

The weekend's here and I can feel the love

Wow it's really amazing what happens when you get posted on a freebie listing. Yesterday, I was listed on Selena's freebie listing - Thank you soooo much darling - and the response was great. Thanks to all of you who visited my blog and grabbed my freebies and left some love for me.
I want to share my freebies with all of you, so be sure to come back.
I already wanted to post last night but I was at my grandmother's all day long and was just too tired to post something.
Alright that's all for today because I'll have to study for my last exam and then I'm finally through with university...woohhoo

Happy Thursday

It's a holiday here in Germany, actually it's Father's Day. So I got some time to work on my blog. Add some blinkies and all that stuff. I'm still not finished with that. And I also worked on another freebie. Oh I love freebies. I only have 2 or 3 kits that I actually bought. Freebies are just so much better. Not because they are free but because I think to give and take among all the scrapping ladies around the world is just a wonderful gesture.
Nevertheless, freebies shouldn't be taken for granted and the designer should always be thanked. This is a hint for those who just download freebies and never say thank you.

This is all for now. I might post again later because I came up with a great idea while writing this post.

Have a nice day everyone!



Happy Easter

I have to post my blog a day early because I'll have so many things to do tomorrow. One of my task is baking. We are going to my grandparents for coffee & cake. As a gift for my grandparents, i will bake a cake in a flower pot. Now isn't that something?
I've been thinking lately about a creating a website where scrappers can exchange their kits for free. What do you think about it?? Let me know!
And last but not least a little scrap that I made today to email to my friends:

If anyone knows who made this kit please let me know. The other day I went crazy downloading free kits and I can't remember where I found that one.

Happy Easter everyone!

Love, Janine

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