Grab Bag 02 & Winners announced!

My week off is almost over and the weather is just starting to get better. Oh well I still have so many things planned. But it really sucks to go back to work on Monday. I guess that's life and we all have to go through it.

Anyway, I have just uploaded my NEW Grab Bag 02 to my Divine Boutique.
For only 3$ you get 6 NEW products for personal use. Isn't that a great deal?

The bag includes:
1 full kit
1 paper pack
1 template pack
2 element packs
1 alpha
1 shopping bonus

Only available from July 24 - 31.

It's time to announce the winners of my last challenge:

The Guest CT spot for August goes to Bianca!
Here's the layout she created for the challenge using FoxyDesigns.
Hey I don't speak Dutch but it's cute!!

Click on the layout to get to Bianca's Blog and leave her some love.

2nd runner up is Ruth!!! She wins a 5$ Gift Certificate to my boutique!
Ruth sent in this beautiful Lo of her daughter.

Click on the layout to get to Ruth's Blog and leave her some love.

Congratulations ladies!!! I will email you shortly.

You might have noticed that there are only 2 winners although I had 3 prizes to give away.
Well didn't have so many participants. But still I want to give away the 2$ Gift Certificate away.

Here's the deal:
Tell me a story about great friendship. What does it mean to you? Have a great story to share? Post it here and I will randomly pick a winner.

Good luck everyone and I can't wait to read your stories about friendship!


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Kelsey said...

Awesome grab bag!!

Beth Nixon said...

looks like a great grab bag . . . thanks for showing it off so we can scoop it up!

Bev said...

looks like a great grab bag!

Kimberly LaBombard said...

I am not sure if I am leaving this in the right place or can even enter still, but here are my thoughts on friendship.
I am blessed to have a small handful of great friends. I would be lost without them. Great friendship means laughing together, crying together, praying through trials together, having someone there to pick you up, and being there to pick them up. Great friendship is when you can talk on the phone while taking care of bathroom business (or being in the bathroom w/ said friend while taking care of business). Great friendship means being able to take a cat nap on the couch while your friend watches your baby since your baby kept you up all night. Great friendship is when you can spend an entire day on the phone living life while your friends is over 1600 miles away in her house living her life, it is being able to talk, do dishes, be silent, yell at the munchkins, eat lunch & prepare dinner together, tweak you blogs together, have a cup of joe. Great friendships survive - they survive, adolescence, college days, marriage, infertility, pregnancy, celebrations of births & deaths. They survive late nights and early mornings. They survive job promotions and higher callings. They survive moves across country or around the world. I am blessed to have a small handful of great friends! Thank you for the question. I can't wait to share my answer with my friends!

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